Who are clients

Whom does Ria work for?

My clients are generally either too busy or too lacking in energy to take on the mentally- and physically-draining business of organizing their possessions or their lives alone. I have worked for people with hectic business or social lives as well as for people who have looked after their sick or elderly relatives for years. As a personal organizer I see it as my task to give people the energy and knowledge they need to get things done.

When contacting Ria?

Typically, the people I work for:

  • Have just moved to the Netherlands and need help with settling in;
  • Busy working couples, with and without children, who simply have too much on their plates to keep on top of everything and to prevent the inevitable backlogs occurring;
  • Single people with busy jobs and hectic social lives;
  • People with burn-outs or depressions (it’s amazing the positive effect order can have on stress-levels!);
  • Disabled people with a personal support budget (PGB) from their local council;
  • Seniors who are moving to a smaller house;
  • People who have lost a loved one and are responsible for dealing with their assets;
  • Seniors who want to settle their inheritance.