How does Ria work?

Free interview

In a free interview at your home we discuss the questions you need help for. Afterwards, I will come up with a proposal indicating how I think we can best solve your concerns.

Planned actions

As soon as you have agreed with the proposal, we can start working together. I organize in blocks of three hours (for the elderly, I can shorten these blocks to two hours). After each organizing session I list the actions we have taken and send you a copy of the list. We always work together, and you will always have the feeling of being in charge.

Number of sessions

The number of organizing sessions a person needs varies enormously. Most clients need between two and four sessions. The disabled people I help may need many more sessions. Settling into the Netherlands can also take up more sessions. This is due to all the forms that need to be filled in and all the other administrative tasks.

What are the costs of Ria’s services?

I charge a standard hourly rate, in accordance with the guidelines laid down by my professional body.

When does Ria work?

I do work during office hours, at night and in the weekends.

Where does Ria work?

I work in the Randstad, between Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Ethical Code

I subscribe the ethical code for organizers.